Contact Info
Ravina Banze
Co-Founder and CEO
Post Graduate Diploma in Analytics, University of Mumbai
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology, Xavier’s College Mumbai

Most of my work experience has been in the social impact sector. For someone who has extensively used data science and technology in the development sector throughout my career— devising questionnaires, collecting data, devising impact measurement metrics, monitoring trends, and evaluating Big data, and coding platforms — I believe I can leverage its power to create social impact.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life working in the social impact sector, I traveled to remote areas, worked with NGOs at a grassroots level, and helped companies expand their CSR programs. I have always tried to be an agent of sustainable positive impact in my own ways. When I was writing my book on crowdfunding, each day as I immersed more into the world of crowdfunding my belief in it increased. I strongly support inclusiveness and that crowdfunding is one of the many tools that give the less fortunate an additional opportunity. I realized how technology can help build micro-communities and how it could create a tremendous impact. In today’s virtually connected world, social networks and tech platforms have the ability to grow and influence others much faster than ever in history.

When I co-founded Project Nile, a crowdfunding consulting and research organization, I set out to build communities and help organizations connect with their end customers. At Project Nile, we built an ecosystem through which we worked to leverage the power of data-driven storytelling and crowdfunding for some of India’s biggest for-profits and nonprofits. Through data visualization, and qualitative and quantitative methodologies we worked on pressing issues of society while also providing crowdfunding consulting services.

CrowdHive is an attempt to push the envelope further and establish a marketplace for ideas that is governed by the crowd.


“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” - Paulo Coelho