Prasheel Gupta
Entrepreneur In Residence

My name is Prasheel Gupta, and currently, I am working as an Entreprenuer in Residence at ProjectNile and CrowdHive. In the one year that I have been associated with the company, I have worked as a Research and Data Analyst, Content Writer, and BD executive with Project Nile. During my professional journey with ProjectNile, I have encountered many challenges and learned a lot.

I believe in constant learning, and every new challenges inspired me to work smart and focus on innovative solutions. Because of my economics and data background, I like analyzing things at the micro and macro levels by employing critical thinking and problem-solving at the deepest levels. Most of my professional life has been with ProjectNile, and I am deeply connected with its core fundamentals and values. Therefore, leveraging my current skill set and past experiences, I am excited to work towards this unique platform – Crowdhive that will act as a marketplace for innovative ideas that will create positive social impact.


“The World is a University, and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning, you go to school” - T.D. Jakes