1. Crowdhive will refund pledges made to a campaign upon refund/cancellation request by a backer/contributor/funder (refund requests can be sent to support@crowdhive.in) anytime during the tenure of the campaign while it is still in the process of raising its goal amount and 7 seven days after it has raised its initial goal amount. After 7 days, the amount is transferred to the campaigner’s (project creator’s) account, and refund/cancellation requests will need to be addressed to the campaigner. CrowdHive will provide contact and billing address details of the project creator to ensure communication channels are open between the campaigner and the contributor/backer. The campaigner also must sign an MOU with CrowdHive wherein they agree to consider refund requests on a case-by-case basis.
  2. CrowdHive doesn’t offer refunds after the campaign goal has been realized and funds are transferred to the campaigner’s account. Responsibility for fulfilling preorders lies entirely with the project creator. CrowdHive doesn’t hold funds on creators’ behalf, cannot guarantee creators’ work, and does not offer refunds once the money has been transferred to the campaigner.
  3. Contributions and Refunds: Funders/Contributors/Backers may book preorders by different methods [this will include credit card/ debit cards/ e-wallets/ BHIM/ UPI/Net banking/Cheque/NEFT, RTGS, etc and any other forms of transferring money through the payment link on the campaign pages on www.crowdhive.in or to the CrowdHive bank account. All transactions will attract a payment processing charges of 2.5% tax for domestic transactions and 3.5% plus tax on international transactions that needs to be paid by the Campaign owner to CrowdHive as per the payment charges clause. This will be in addition to the platform charges and applicable taxes as mentioned in the pricing page. In case of any refunds requested by backers/funders/contributors the same will be processed by CrowdHive as per the terms outlined below. On any card refunds the payment processing charge amount of 2.5% plus tax will be borne by the backer for domestic transactions and 3.5% plus tax will be borne by backers for international transactions. On UPI transactions, no charge will be levied.
  4. The Funding received with respect to a Campaign shall be held in a bank account by the Platform till the end of the Funding Period + seven days after the initial goal amount has been raised or the cut off of the Campaign pursuant to achieving Funding of the Funding goal or the stretched Funding Goal, as the case may be. A Funder may seek a refund only until the goal initial goal amount of the campaign has been raised with a grace period of seven days of making their contribution or booking their preorder. Irrespective of the campaign period, no refunds shall be entertained by CrowdHive after it has transferred the funds to the campaigner/project creator.
  5. Refunds may take anywhere from 7 to 28 days to process.
  6. Any refund/cancellation requests by backers should be sent to support@crowdhive.in