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Divyanshu Oberoi is a professional photographer, trader, book reviewer, and brand strategist. After running a photography business for 5 years now, he has embarked upon the journey towards personal freedom not just financially but also physically & mentally. Over the years, he has expanded his perceptions about life, finance, and human behavior by consistently reading the right books and exploring fields that took him out of his comfort zone. So far, one of his important learnings has been learning as many skills as possible and monetizing those to lead fulfilling lives.

Reading the right books has been a turning point in Divyanshu’s self-development journey. He started to take notes on what made sense and what didn’t; over time, these notes became the lifestyle he wanted to build. From learning about investments to cultivating a positive outlook toward life, he has some wonderful insights to share with his audience. And what other way to do that than insights-packed journals?

His brand, Unhuman, aims to create products that facilitate a life full of happiness and wealth. Through his experiences, Divyanshu realized the pain points a person goes through on their self-development journey. After understanding this, he has carefully designed two journals focused on the major areas of life: Happiness and Wealth.
Towards Happiness Daily Journal
Wealth Hacker Financial PlannerThe funds from this campaign will be utilized towards scaling the brand Unhuman and expanding the product lines.

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Yes, the prices are inclusive of taxes.

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The pre-order will reach you by January 2023.

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Self-Development Journals by UnHuman

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Unhuman is all about creating a community that grows together and builds together. The brand explores the possibilities of human potential, lifestyle design, personal finance, and psychology.  We believe in the idea that we can create our own experiences. It is perhaps the most exciting and empowering idea in human history. It’s not just about having the ability to create things – it’s about taking control of your life and being able to shape your destiny.

At Unhuman, we focus on building processes that help people become their better versions. Whether your goal is to inculcate gratitude or plan your finances, we are here to help you with all of it. At Unhuman, our aim is to assist you to the fullest on your journey to become your better version.

We believe the greatest self-development is a self that is alive, vibrant, and growing. To do this, we’ve created a range of stationery products based on our passion for helping people become their best versions. The self-designed stationery is built to motivate you.

It will remind you that you can become better and stronger in the future with self-improvement. This constant reminder on your journey is a beautiful way to remember where you started and where you’ve been. Keep track of your daily goals, long- and short-term strategies, and achievements. Unhuman is launching two self-development journals focused on building a positive and abundant lifestyle.

The “Towards Happiness Journal” is designed while keeping in mind the many stresses people go through in day-to-day life. The major purpose of this journal is to remind people to practice the habit of building gratitude and faith in themselves. It is an undated journal that can be used as per the writer’s convenience.
The “Wealth Hacker Financial Planner” will assist you in tracking your expenses to have a balanced financial life. A green budget is the biggest motivation, and with the wealth hacker financial planner, the motivation will be unending. From quotes by personal finance experts to insights about investments and savings, this journal is your pathway to financial abundance.
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Towards Happiness Journal.
-150 printed pages filled with inspiring morning affirmations, mottos and reminders.
-Gratitude challenges for self development.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
17 backers
33 rewards left
Wealth Hacker Financial Planner.
-Expense trackers, budget planners.
-Insights by personal finance experts.
-Guides for stocks, and building an investment portfolio.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
7 backers
43 rewards left
Towards Happiness Journal
-150 printed pages filled with inspiring morning affirmations, mottos and reminders.
-Gratitude challenges for self development.
1 Mug & 2 Coasters.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
1 backers
49 rewards left
Wealth Hacker Financial Planner.
-Expense trackers, budget planners.
-Insights by personal finance experts.
-Guides for stocks, and building an investment portfolio.
1 Mug & 2 Coasters.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
7 backers
43 rewards left
Towards Happiness Journal.
-150 printed pages filled with inspiring morning affirmations, mottos and reminders.
-Gratitude challenges for self development.
Wealth Hacker Financial Planner.
-Expense trackers, budget planners.
-Insights by personal finance experts.
-Guides for stocks, and building an investment portfolio.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
13 backers
37 rewards left
-Towards Happiness Journal.
-Wealth Hacker Financial Planner.
- 1 Mug & 2 Coasters.
January, 2023
Estimated Delivery
5 backers
45 rewards left
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