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Pouli believes that art holds power to reform. With this belief, they are starting a new chapter Pouli_Garima Project, which brings affordable art and craft products handcrafted by the gender and sexual minorities of the country. This project particularly focuses on bringing a smile to the buyer through quality and value and a smile and respect for those who craft it.
Additionally, this project allows its artisans to continue their everyday work while working on these products in their free time to see the scope of the same. The producers are being trained in the art by the founder herself. It is a step to empower and allow everyone to participate in this change by buying these products. This project aims to provide hope to queer artisans while creating excellent quality products through such an initiative.

FAQs About The Rewards
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Are the prices inclusive of taxes?
Yes, the prices are inclusive of taxes.

How will you ship my reward?
The rewards will be shipped through Shiprocket domestically at Rs. 100 and through DHL internationally at Rs.350.

Are you shipping the rewards worldwide?
We are shipping rewards worldwide.

How long will it take for my pre-order to be shipped to me?
The pre-order will reach you by the last week of February 2022.

What happens when I purchase a bundle?
When you purchase a bundle, our team starts coordinating with you as per the bundle chosen. In the case of handcrafted products, we start creating each unique piece exclusively for you. We’ll contact you to seek the details if it involves personalized work. 

Are the products shown the same as what I receive?
The hand-crafted products may not be the same as shown In the image. These images are only for sample purposes, which broadly define the product. Each piece is hand curated and will be different from each others by 30 – 40%. 

Who is creating my product?
The products are being created by gender and sexual minorities only, under the direct supervision of our founder, Bhamini.

Form: Click here to fill details for a personalized pre-order!

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Handcrafted Artifacts by Pouli

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Founded in 2016 by Bhamini Shree, Pouli is an art-based organization that believes in bringing art to our everyday life through conversations, journaling, paintings, drawing books, art Merch, webinars, self-healing art practices, folk art preservation and adaptation, livelihood generation and more. We have also been actively involved in uplifting the gender and sexual minorities in the community. We have collaborated with marginalized communities in different forms for the same. Some of our painting series also revolves around the suggested vulnerability.

Based out of Hyderabad, Bhamini Shree is the founder of Pouli, a visual artist, art teacher, and writer. She has worked on various art forms, including various Indian folk art like Madhubani, Warli, Mandalas, and Expressionism. She has taught over 50,000 patrons (8 to 70 years of age) from around the globe, including representing India in Egypt for Madhubani Painting. She also works in collaboration with organizations and educational institutions for workshops on well-being, increasing focus and concentration through art.
She has curated and showcased many works in various art exhibitions across the country. She also serves as the board of directors at an LGBTQIIA+-based NGO called Mobbera Foundation. A lot of her works revolve around the depth and layers of gender, fragility, and mental health, and she particularly brings out the contrast of vulnerability and strength of human emotions through vivid colors, textures, shapes, and concepts. 

Pouli and Bhamini’s work is well recognized and has been covered (as artists) in various print media, magazines, news channels, and digital media over the years. 

Risks and Challenges
Like all products, this product also comes with risks and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that the campaign does not succeed, and the backer might lose their money. However, if the fundraising goal is met, the reward will be shipped to the backers’ address.

Challenges might also emerge during production and logistics, leading to untimely delivery and other issues.

The crowdfunding platform is aware of such risks and has several mitigation measures in place. Each campaign is awarded a ‘campaign success probability score,’ which indicates its success rate. Furthermore, the platform vets and verifies all campaigns thoroughly before launching them. The entire process involves understanding the scale and impact of the campaign, which further helps determine its success.

Reward-based campaigns
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How do refunds work?
Information on refunds can be found here.


This bundle includes:
-Coloring Book.
-One set of Colouring Pencils.
-One 2023 Printed Calendar.
-One key chain.
-Set of two coasters.
-1 Handcrafted fridge magnet.
February, 2023
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This bundle includes:
-Handcrafted bookmarks. (set of 5)
-Coloring Book.
-Set of 2 greetings.
-Handcrafted name plate.
Check reward FAQs and fill the form for customized nameplate.
February, 2023
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
50 rewards left
This bundle includes:
-Handmade Canvas Painting. (one can choose from the options available) -Set of 5 greetings.
-Personalized note on the book.
-Coloring book for adults.
Check reward FAQs and select your paintings by filling the form.
February, 2022
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
50 rewards left
This bundle includes:
-Handmade Canvas Painting (one can choose from the options available)
-Coloring book for adult.
-Exclusive 1-1 conversation on art as a therapy with Bhamini.
-An exclusive set of 5 small art pieces.
Check Reward FAQs and select your paintings by filling the form.
February, 2023
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
50 rewards left


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