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The journey of KrutiArts began with a small pace with hand-painted fabrics, mainly on customized orders. The idea on which the brand stands today was indeed based on her passion for art and crafts.

Behind each collection of KrutiArts, the hard work of months is put from its basic design to its final result. The designing part is managed by Kruti, who then manages it from raw material gathering to assigning it to production.

The accessories are given for embroidery to our efficient karigars, and later on, the accessories are made from it by our trained staff from our store or their home if they wish to work from home. We have always encouraged ladies to work from home if they wish to work but cannot step out for work for some reason, which helps them empower.

The finished products are stocked up at the store set up in 2019, where we have our workshop. We mainly sell them online through our Instagram, website, collaborated websites, and stores. 

Since 2015 they’ve launched a beautifully curated range of hand-painted fabrics, hand-painted wooden-based accessories, and hand embroidered and hand-painted earrings and neckpieces.

FAQs About The Rewards

Are the prices inclusive of taxes?
Yes, the prices are inclusive of taxes.

How will you ship my reward?
The rewards will be shipped through DTDC or Delhivery.

Are you shipping the rewards worldwide?
Yes, we are shipping rewards internationally and domestically. Domestic shipping charges are Rs.100 and Rs.2200 for international shipping.

How long will it take for my pre-order to be shipped to me?
The pre-order will reach you by November 2022. 

Surat, India

Handcrafted and Hand-painted Accessories By KrutiArts

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KrutiArts was conceived in the year 2015 by Kruti Popatia. The brand is one of a kind in handpainted and handcrafted fashion. Being a BBA graduate, she turned her passion toward business. With a small homegrown brand, the company was started on a minimal pace from hand-painted fabrics to hand-painted wooden-based accessories and then gradually towards hand embroidered and hand-painted earrings and neckpieces.

Every piece we design promotes Indian art, textiles, handicrafts, and embroidery, in a wearable way. Keeping sustainability in mind, we try to fuse Indian culture, art, and textiles with funk, which people can carry with pride and love.

We strongly believe in reviving the love for our culture and handicrafts, which seems to be fading over time hence our focus on Indian arts and crafts. 

Kruti being the ambitious woman she is, single-handedly started the brand KrutiArts. She made way for the idea of building products that combine a funky and bold vibe while maintaining the aesthetics of Indian art and crafts.

Kruti gradually expanded her team with some women who knew the art of Indian embroidery and crafts. They have always tried to give and take support to women who wish to work from home.

Empowering women is our main motto, and they believe in expanding slowly and steadily, focusing on following our passion for art. The team at KrutiArts comprises artisans from all across the nation.

The funds raised from the campaign will be utilized to provide better remuneration to the women at KrutiArts. These funds will also assist in expanding the team, thereby providing employment opportunities to the women.

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How do refunds work?

Information on refunds can be found here.





Feni Earrings
Material: khadi fabric, silk threads, beads.
-Handmade and hand embroidered earrings with our uniquely designed Lotus motif, with flexible stem made with pearl beads which can be shaped the way you want.
-Earrings are provided with a stud at back.
-Light weight and easy to carry.
*Shipping Internationally.
November, 2022
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
100 rewards left
Feni earrings and,
Aamras earrings

Material: khadi fabric, silk threads, beads.
-Handmade and hand embroidered hoops with our unique and intricately designed Peacock motif, detailed with beads and mirrors on edges.
-Light weight and easy to carry.
*Shipping Internationally.
November, 2022
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
100 rewards left
Harakhpadudi Earrings.
Material: khadi fabric, silk threads, beads, wool, oxidised metal.
-Exclusive handcrafted earcuffs with our traditional Indian motifs, beads and woolen tassel hanging, specially designed for Navratri and Durga Pooja festive.
-Light weight and easy to carry.
-Provided with a stud at back.
Tambola Belt
Material: Khadi fabric, leather, silk threads, beads.
-TAMBOLA belt, a beautiful example of Indian embroidery and leather craftsmanship with our unique and intricately designed evil eye jungle.
-Provided with adjustable belt and buckle on edges.
*Shipping Internationally.
November, 2022
Estimated Delivery
0 backers
100 rewards left

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