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Sustainability is understanding the environment’s needs and reducing it from further depletion. Plastic is a menace to the world, we agree, but in this vain, we look to nurture nature itself. From the plight of plastics, grow our eco-pots. Eco-Pots, the solution to creating eco-friendly environments. Eco-pots begin at the end of the recycling journey, as the pots are produced from 100% recycled plastic. Unlike popular opinion, these recycled plastics are a great aid to your green buddies. The heat insulating properties aid in the healthy growth of the plants. These eco-pots are built to survive doomsday, so climate change and extreme weather are child’s play.

But, being sustainable and eco-friendly might not be the best sellers. Your plants need a beautiful place to grow. The pots need to compliment your house. And we have taken proper care that eco-friendly doesn’t cost you on the side of beauty. Each pot has its own personality, thanks to its distinctive marble patterns. The pots come with a special soil mix with slow-release fertilizer, assuring the best nutrients for your plant.

Eco-Pots are for environmentalists and enthusiasts, but more than anyone, it is for our future generations. It would be too late if you don’t take up the responsibility to clean the environment now. Eco-pot isn’t a magic solution to all your life’s problems, but it’s something to look and ponder about, see the green flourish in all the dirt, and live with a green friend taking all the pollution to give you a breath of fresh air.

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Eco-Pots by Minus° | Made from 100% Recycled Plastic

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About the Organization

Minus Degre was founded in 2020 by two brothers with a collective mission of using eco-friendly products by manifesting the use of 100% recycled plastic. We collected plastic and created new items from recycling it through the pandemic. We intend to raise awareness about responsible consumption by deploying eco-friendly materials in our products and using them majorly in the mainstream/top-of-the-line items. Of all the plastic produced till now, 9% has been lost (by incineration or decomposed completely) but the remaining 91% is where our opportunity lies. Our project is to tackle all the plastic waste around us for a better future for all.

Our mission is to reduce the genesis of virgin plastic by replacing it with reused and recycled plastic of superior quality wherever permissible. We act as an incubation funnel where the raw plastic transforms into sustainable material, eco-designed without compromising the quality of the green products. So, when you use such sustainable and eco-friendly products made from recyclable plastic, it ensures positive changes around us.

Minus Degre is a mission-driven zero-waste organization determined to contribute to solving the problem of the 9.46 million tons of plastic waste generated annually in India. We are youth-oriented and focused on improving the living conditions of future generations. Additionally, we lead workshops in schools to raise awareness from an early age, creating an impact for years to come.

About the Product

With our Eco-pots, you buy more than sustainability and the badge of honor for being a responsible person. You also get the benefits of having greenery in your house. A natural air purifier that sits in your home, shielding against pollutants and refreshing the air you breathe. Having nature flourish in your home brings about a certain positivity; there are various plants for various use. However, some plants are just to keep the blues out and the greens in. The Eco-pots bring about a sense of joy, a boost to the mood, and an unburdened shoulder for contributing to the fight against pollution and environmental degradation. All great things begin with small steps, this might be your small step towards contributing to a bigger change. Our Eco-Pots are of the dimensions 4inch(h)*3.5inch(diameter), perfect for your plants to blossom.

We believe that by generating demand for green products made from recycled plastic, we can keep adding value to otherwise harmful material and prevent it from ending up in landfills, the oceans, or incinerators. We enlighten the companies on the possibility of numerous green products that could be created from discarded waste and put to manifold uses. It is high time we make a visible and substantial commitment to the circular economy.

At Minus Degre Manufacturers Pvt.Ltd, we advocate for localized plastic recycling and re-manufacturing by simplifying logistics that lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We are working on technology that will help us reduce our footprint and to reach a 100% material utilization rate through conscious buying.

Our aspirational goal is to raise awareness and sensitivity in people’s minds towards plastic waste. A beautiful and functional eco-friendly product would help us clear out the clogged landfills and make the world brimming with infinite possibilities. Thus, It is our duty and commitment to the circular economy to enlighten your lives with the beautiful gift of nature. Moreover, we are not just a supplier but also a waste management advocate and your new friend in understanding and working towards true sustainability.

Risks and Challenges

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How will you ship my reward?

The products will be shipped through Delhivery or XpressBees. The campaigner is shipping internationally as well.

Does the price of the product include taxes?

Yes, the pricing is inclusive of taxes.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped to me?

It will take two months after the campaign has raised its target goal for the Eco-Pots to be shipped to your address.

How do refunds work?

Information on refunds can be found here.


-One Eco-Pot of dimensions 4inch(height)*3.5inch(diameter).
*Design and color of Eco-Pots may vary depending on the availability of the materials.
*Free Domestic Shipping.
*Shipping Internationally.
September, 2022
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-A set of 3 Eco-Pots of dimensions 4inch(height)*3.5inch(diameter).
*Design and color of Eco-Pots may vary depending on the availability of the materials.
*Free Domestic Shipping
*Shipping Internationally.
September, 2022
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-A set of 5 Eco-Pots of dimensions 4inch(height)*3.5inch(diameter).
*Design and color of Eco-Pots may vary depending on the availability of the materials.
*Free Domestic Shipping
*Shipping Internationally.
September, 2022
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