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CrowdHive (registered as Tuwah Ventures LLP) is a community-driven platform for pre-ordering innovative and creative products.


On CrowdHive, people can monetarily back their favorite creators/projects and in exchange, receive rewards (like books, concert tickets, products, merchandise, etc) for their contributions.


Imagine. Believe. Build. Fundraise. Scale

Get your creative ideas recognized in a favorable marketplace, where you can receive valuable feedback and support from backers.
A marketplace to book preorders

Fund the Next Big Thing

CrowdHive allows creators/innovators/entrepreneurs to establish product-market fit by generating pre-orders and receiving valuable feedback from backers/funders/contributors in the process.

Our mission is to build the world’s largest marketplace for preordering innovative and creative products. 

To build an Amazon-like marketplace for campaigners to generate pre-orders and for backers to find new products.

As an organization, we strive for positive social impact, inclusivity, accountability, innovation, and creative collaboration. We are passionate about projects that improve life quality and make the world a better place.

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